Guardian Angel Tattoo

80+ Guardian Angel Tattoo Designs & Meaning 2022

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re not alone in this world and someone is constantly protecting you? Well, that might be your guardian angel. Guardian angel tattoos might not be the latest tattoo designs, but they’re arguably the most popular. They’re quite common among individuals passionate about their faith and want to show … Read more

back of neck tattoos

100 Meaningful Back of the Neck Tattoo Designs

Some years back, most back-of-the-neck tattoos weren’t popular and had a bad reputation. But did you know that today most people love to grace them in public? It’s because the art is beautiful and outstanding if your artist does a great job. Here, we’ll look at 24 designs you can ink on your back-of-the-neck. Before … Read more

Best Tattoo Shops in Kansas City, MO

9 Best Tattoo Shops in Kansas City, MO

What comes to your mind when you think of Kansas City? Jazz and barbecue, right? Well, there’s lots to love about this amazing city than music and smoked meat. Kansas City is home to more the 200 breathtaking fountains, world-class museums, galleries, and theaters. Besides its cultural offerings, the area boasts pretty neighborhoods and breathtaking … Read more

Bear Paw Tattoo

70+ Bear Paw Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

The bear is an animal that is undeniably beautiful and holds a lot of appeal to tattoo enthusiasts. They are found in different habitats and sacred to many cultures globally. Since time immemorial, bears have been used to signify deities or spirits and recently continue to be a symbol of courage, spiritual enlightenment, and physical … Read more

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas

80+ Unique Ladybug Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo for the first time or adding a new one? Finding the right tattoo design, whether or not you’re new to tattooing, can prove stressful and overwhelming. Most people get tattoos to express themselves. The tattoos often embody their spiritual belief or cultural notions. Either way, no one wants … Read more